Saturday, 31 January 2015

Fruit and Seed Drops

Fruit and Seed Drops by Mrs U Makes

Last week I went on a trip to the London Transport Museum with the boys and their class. I had to put together a packed lunch, which had to be relatively healthy and nut free. With many of my usual treats containing nuts I had to think of an alternative item to add to their lunch bags.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Coconut and Jam Roly Poly Biscuits

Coconut and Jam Roly Poly Biscuits by Mrs U Makes

It's been a long time since I baked anything,  so I thought it was only fitting that my come back recipe be these Coconut and Jam Roly Poly Biscuits.

I first made these a while back and wasn't happy with the texture, so I made a little adjustment to the baking temperature and placed the baking sheet on a lower oven rack and it worked. They turned out exactly how I wanted them.

Coconut and Jam Roly Poly Biscuits by Mrs U Makes

I've used strawberry jam in these biscuits, but you can use whatever jam you have to hand.

Monday, 5 January 2015

New Project: Sirdar Knitted Vest

Sirdar Country Style DK

I thought I'd drop by and fill you in on what I've been up to. Since finishing the Ijeoma Ruana, I have two people testing the pattern, I'm hoping for a third just to be sure that the pattern is clear and correct.

Before starting on my next designs, I began working on this tank top from Sirdar. I started on Friday night finished the back a couple of hours ago. After reading the notes Ravelry from others who have already made this vest, I see that I could have made this in the round, eliminating the need to seam it at the end.

I'll try and cast on for the front this evening, with the boys going back to school tomorrow I'll have a few uninterrupted hours of knitting. After this I'll work on knitting two more tops, which are already in my Ravely queue.

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Ijeoma Is Finished

Knitted Ruana "Ijeoma" by Mrs U Makes

On Saturday I had the pleasure of finishing the Ijeoma Ruana, it was blocked last night and is now ready to hit the streets. I've been so eager to get this finished and have been slowed down by circumstances outside of my control.

Now that she is finished I can begin preparing for my next design, which will be a crocheted ensemble.

Before publishing the pattern for Ijeoma I'm going to have it tested, I want to make sure everything makes sense, particularly the cable sections. Until then you can all admire the pictures.

Knitted ruana "Ijeoma" by Mrs U MakesKnitted ruana "Ijeoma" by Mrs U Makes

Monday, 1 December 2014

Ijeoma Ruana Update

It's been a long time, but finally I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. The cold weather (as well as other things) has really affected me energy wise, so I haven't done any baking and have just recently started working on Ijeoma again.

I've only got the front left panel to do, so this will be my main project until its finished.

Ijeoma Ruana by Mrs U Makes

Whilst I have been in hibernation I have made some earrings, one of which I sold to my good friend Susan, of Susan's Nouns, yesterday along with a Swarovski pearl ring. She interviewed me for an amazing project she has started which showcases inspirational people and places. She herself is also a talented singer so check out and follow her Facebook Page and look out for the Mrs U Makes interview which should be up in a few weeks.



Monday, 13 October 2014

I'm Still Here

Things are very busy in the U household at the moment, so I haven't done much baking or crafting. Even with the tripolatas in school there always seems to be so much stuff to do. Most probably I'm not adjusting to the change in weather, being cold makes me feel tired, which can sometimes put me into a 'Do Nothing' mode.

I am trying to kick myself into gear by thinking of new recipes for baked treats, so hopefully they will be developed soon.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

French Toast Roll Ups

Yesterday I Stumbled Upon a great breakfast treat, these French Toast Roll Ups, over at It's Peachy Keen.

She spread jam and cream cheese onto a flattened slice of bread, rolled it up, dipped it in egg and milk and then fried it in a little butter. They looked so good that I had to make some myself this morning, but with my own choice of fillings.

Instead of jam and cheese, I used chocolate and pistachio fudge sauce (the same type that  used in my Chocolate and Pistachio Fudge Tarts) and cheese and ham (technically it was cheese and wafer thin chicken, but cheese and ham sounds, and would probably taste, better).

These tasted like pancakes, particularly the cheese ones, which reminded me of the savoury pancakes they have at My Old Dutch.

They're not the most healthiest breakfast, but they are delicious, which in my books is all that matters.